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I’m over 10 hours into my first playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077, and I can already tell you the game has failed. Not because I don’t enjoy the game, I actually do, albeit sometimes despite it trying its best to spoil my fun. It’s not because the game didn’t sell well — hell, it’s the fastest-selling PC game of all-time. It’s not because the game didn’t get good reviews — reviewers gave it stellar scores despite marking it to be a buggy experience. …

How a tragedy in rural Poland became emblematic of the country’s Women's Rights struggle.

The Church in Czerniejów, Poland. Photo: M.F. Sikora/Wikimedia Commons

Be advised: This story includes descriptions of murder, domestic and sexual violence.

Any earnings from this story will be donated to Aborcyjny Dream Team, a Polish non-profit helping women access abortion in defiance of the country’s inhumane laws.

In August 2003, two young girls living in Czerniejów, a village in Eastern Poland are asked by their grandma to empty out a barrel of cabbage that had begun to stink. The girls roll out the barrel to the far end of the field behind their home. Instead of rotten cabbage, they find 5 dead newborns.

The gruesome discovery prompted a media…

Source: Developer’s Press Kit

No video game will ever be perfect, however, some may come close. VALORANT is definitely trying to, at least with their design philosophy. They got all the right people, they said all the right buzzwords, they designed all the right maps, they’re committed to balancing the game. Yet, after around 10 games of VALORANT, I don’t feel like I want to play more, and it’s not just because the beta doesn’t offer any true ranked experience.

When I reviewed Legends of Runeterra, I was still riding high off my first enjoyable card game experience since I first launched Hearthstone a…

And the Lessons the Gaming Industry Should Learn From It

The last few weeks have seen the FIFA esports community go from bad to worse, as last year’s multi-tournament winner Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt and reigning FEWC Xbox One champion Mossad “Msdossary7” Dossary criticized the game’s experience. Shortly afterwards, FIFA pro and popular streamer Kurt “kurt0411” Fenec was banned from all EA services. The ban came as a result of alleged threats and insults levied at the game’s developers, but for the community, it was more of a case of EA silencing its most vehement critic.

Then last weekend, a server failure left competitive FIFA players having to play Rock, Paper…

Learning to embrace the Fan vs Critic divide.

Source: Press Kits.

In a world where every new addition to an established franchise is scrutinized beyond belief, it’s no shock that Picard enters the realm of The Last Jedi. Critically acclaimed, yet contentious at best among their respective fanbases.

To some, they’re fascinating new artistic takes on old material. To others, they’re incoherent and sacrilegious. It’s also easy for both sides to dismiss each other. Critics and fans are shills. Haters are neckbearded edgelords. Generalizing is easy. Thinking about why is hard.

Of course, there are people who are just dead set to hate everything that they feel has a “PC Agenda”…

I’m as confused as you, fellow Adam.

Netflix’s latest mini-series based on a Harlan Coben novel of the same is a show that clearly wants to copy the formula that made Broadchurch an incredibly acclaimed series not so long ago.

Set in a small town in the UK? Check. A storyline involving kids doing suspicious stuff? Check. A cynical detective? Check. A cast of underrated British actors? Check. Eight episode season? Check. Excellent storytelling with a satisfying, yet somber conclusion? Well… no, not really.


The Stranger’s main problem is that it relies on J.J. Abrams-style mystery boxes…

Exploring two deceptively similar shows.

It’s quite fitting that both BoJack Horseman and The Good Place ended in the same week. Both are existential comedies that tug at your heart-strings through a combination of extremely identifiable-with characters, wacky visuals and great writing, and both take a lot of time to explore the depths of the human existence.


The Good Place explores what I would call “high-level” morality. The stakes are high, the philosophy involved makes the in-show ethics classes benefit not just the characters, but also the viewer.

BoJack focuses on “low-level” morality. It never outwardly refers to the lofty…

An overview of Riot’s innovative CCG.

This fluffy guy can destroy your Nexus if you’re not careful.

Hearthstone is the only game I’d consider myself to have actually had potential to go pro in, which is quite fitting because it’s a game about getting lucky and making the most out of said luck, which I feel like is my only real discernible skill. I never put enough time into learning the game to actually make it, however, I did come 2 games short of reaching Legend status in the game, before choking the opportunity away in a tilt-based meltdown.

For a few years, Hearthstone was my favourite game, a game I could spend hours in, experimenting with…

“Millions of lives were at stake,” Picard tells a reporter in an interview clearly designed as an exposition dump. “Romulan lives,” the reporter scoffs. “No. Lives.” Jean-Luc answers with his trademark righteous conviction. As the interview continues, I knew one thing, Star Trek was actually back.


I don’t hate the new Treks. The “JJVerse” had its moments and enough latent charm to produce entertaining content, even though it seemed to constantly miss the entire point of Star Trek. Discovery recovered quite well in its second season, introducing Captain Pike as a proper…

I’ve been playing sports games ever since I was introduced to FIFA 97 by my uncle when I was five. It was a natural love for me, I’ve loved both football (the European kind) and Video Games ever since I could remember. Very quickly, sports games became my virtual sandbox where I could rectify all the perceived sporting wrongs, like Poland missing out on the World Cup, or later, Brazil losing in said World Cup’s finals. …

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